Bells Beach. Rip Curl Pro. Round 3, Heat #5. The Messiah Stumbles.

Dane punts a lofty frontside air, but then falls on a foam climb. 5.67. 

Then rotates through a full fin-ditch/tailslide/reverse, and bogs on the rebound. 1.67.

Easter egg Roy Powers plays it safe on his first wave, pumping past soft Winki sections. 5.33.

Dane milks a mediocre three-footer, no snazzy turns, no endless pumps to huge launch, just serviceable, workmanlike turns. "Battle for the backup" sez Pancho. 6.67.

Then Roy lights a fire on a rare head-high wave, goes right into a big snap, puts his foot down on a critical pocket slash, two bangers, float. Right back in it with 8.17 to lead the heat.

Before Roy's score came in, Dane carved through a nasty fins-free reverse, but went too big trying to follow the Hawaiian's wave. Only got a 5.6. One more Dane turn — no beachbreak desire to show up Roy Boy's spray as he paddled back out — and The Messiah easily would have had the necessary 6.84.

30 seconds left at slow, slow Winkipop? See ya back at Emma Wood, Dane.

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